Summary: The design challenge looks at manifesting Bauhaus design principles on a bus stop. Bauhaus is an architectural movement that stands out in its characteristics, making art and functionality go hand in hand, elegantly. Standing out, with its sleek yet bold structural elements, this form of design, intended to fuse the two very important elements of design, the soul of art into the practical design of a building. How has Bauhaus manifested in the 21st century?

Description: The Bauhaus movement emerged as a response to the lack of social relevance of modernity. It was inspired by the efficiency of mass production that was brought about by industrialization, to attain maximum functionality. But an important aspect of the design is aesthetics, and visual impact is to be inherent to make the design a success.

The origin of this style was unconventional, but its influence is seen over art and architecture alike. This movement largely inspired the modernist movement with its play of simple forms and abstract shapes to achieve the harmonious design. Its unique aesthetic dominated the 20th-century landscape, but its essence has been extracted into modern, contemporary designs we see today.


Ideation – The theme must be made relevant and simplified for people to understand.
Balance – A balance between the aesthetic and functionality must be achieved.
Landmark – The design must be symbolic of the Bauhaus movement and its principles.
Replicability – The design must be replicable across various locations around the world.


You can see the detailed competition information here!

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