Summary: The Budapest Development Agency announces an international architectural design contest for the renewal of the Nyugati Railway Station and its surroundings.

Nyugati Railway Station is both one of the most significant railway monuments and the busiest transport hub in Hungary, the most valuable development area of Budapest’s city centre. Its planning is, therefore, a complex task, requiring a unified approach to transport infrastructure, urban development, architecture and landscape architecture.


The objective of the architectural design contest is to select the team of architects that
– are prepared to perform the tasks related to the preparation of a complex and large-scale project;
– regard the conditions of the location and the confines of the railway operation as sources of creativity;
– are able to implement visionary thoughts with an engineering precision;
– are able to mobilise multifaceted expertise;
– possess the necessary knowledge and ambition to design a world-class building complex;
– unify innovative perceptions and have respect for traditions; and
– possess expertise that spans over all phases of the architectural design.

The main indicators of the design brief:
– 44 ha total design area;
– 17,6 ha pedestrian public space and green area;
– 14.000 m2 gross floor area historic station hall;
– 19.000 m2 gross floor area railway substation (platform surfaces only);
– 60.000 m2 gross floor area of all buildings.

Please visit the design contest’s website for further information.

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