Introduction: The underwater city of Shi Cheng is often referred to as the ‘Atlantis of the East.’ Its ruins have managed to prevail gloriously for all these centuries so its potential as a wide-open tourist destination is to be explored. The challenge is to design a tourist centre on Qiandao Lake for the exploration of the submerged Shi Cheng City. 


The aim of the tourist centre is to tell the story of the unseen, submerged city. Water construction techniques and materials are to be explored. The visitors centre must extend on the water to provide a clear view of the city for people not willing to go diving. The diving facility is an important feature.

The proposed design must in no way impact the ruins of the city below. The effect of the construction on the lake must be kept to a minimum. Interactive media can be employed to enhance the experience of tourist spots.

Download the information related to this competition here.

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