Summary: Competition seeks a design of a space that acts as a vessel in reviving the destructed neighborhoods and encouraging inhabitants to come back. A space that respects the past, responds to the present and incorporates the possibility of a bright future for Syria.

Description: The cost of war cannot be quantified but the price Syria has to pay now is much more than it can afford. And even if we assume that the conflict is solved, still the daily life they used to live is impaired.  It is the community of people in Syria that have suffered the most and without including them, the significance of the place will perish.

When we look at the image of the ancient cities in the Middle Eastern regions, we see the urban texture that extends horizontally according to the needs of societies. If we bring the image closer, we see the paths that extend like veins reaching to the unit that forms all this beauty. At center stage of this discovery often is the ancient mud house. Ancient mud houses are the basis of societies in these regions. Especially since they are built by the inhabitants, from their land, and to serve their environment. It is a sustainable urban social and functional fabric that varies between cities and rural areas.

The challenge of this competition therefore is to create a space that reinterprets the ancient mud house and uses it as a tool for a cultural revival.

Learn more about the competition and register here.

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