Summary: The Metals in Construction magazine 2021 Design Challenge is a competition to generate ideas for creating an environment suitable for affordable rental housing over a portion of NYC’s Sunnyside Yard situated between Queens Blvd and Honeywell Street. This site is Phase 1 of the plan as proposed in the Sunnyside Yard Master Plan Handbook (SYMPH), a detailed technical guide for exploring the rail yard’s development opportunities.

Description: Sunnyside Yard is a publicly owned 180-acre site located in Queens, New York that is the center of a rail network connecting people across the Northeast corridor. It is the only centrally-located, transit-accessible site of its size remaining in NYC. It is situated amidst one of the most ethnically diverse urban areas in the world.

The challenge of this competition is to present the concept for overbuilding the rail yard to utilize this Phase 1 portion of the site identified in the SYMPH to create an environment for affordable rental housing, envisioning the type of housing,  services, institutions and establishments most suitable to make this portion of the site a viable community.

See the design brief and read more in details about the competition here.

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