Summary: The Global Challenge is a competition that recognizes the best community projects and helps accelerate their development. We select the most impactful initiatives, promote them amongst our global network of partners and connect them through meaningful collaborations.



Eligible projects must be collective spaces: community learning, living, working spaces, such as schools, libraries, meeting places, community centers, community-led housing, or community place-making – but are not limited to these.


A project can be submitted by a person – community architect or representative – who acts as the ‘gatekeeper’ for the community, who is committed to leading the development process.


The Global Challenge is the one-and-only global program that supports the early phase of bottom-up, community architectural initiatives. It is an opportunity for Exposure, Network, Funding & partnership: as a finalist, you will have the opportunity to receive €3,000.- funding or pro bono advice provided by our partners.

Visit the competition website here!

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