Summary: The primary purpose of the design competition is to provide high-quality administrative services to 1,090,000 citizens of Goyang-si. Moreover, it aims to select reasonable, creative, and future-oriented designs for building Goyang new city hall complex that will become a physical landmark of Goyang-si and emotional landmark of citizens of Goyang-si to promote balanced development of the city and to newly establish publicness of a public office building.


Background of Competition:

Competition Descriptions


Compeittion Method

6. Eligibility and Restrictions


Winner and Awards: 5 winning proposals will be selected. Competition winners will be awarded as follows(Taxes and duties included)

-1st Place Winner(1 entry): Award and the priority negotiation rights for the design development and construction document

2nd Place Winner (1 entry): Award and KRW 80 million in prize money

3rd Place Winner (1 entry): Award and KRW 60 million in prize money

4th Place Winner (1 entry): Award and KRW 40 million in prize money

5th Place Winner (1 entry): Award and KRW 20 million in prize money

ORGANISERS DETAILS: Korea Institute of Architects


You are invited to visit the competition official website here!  

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