Summary: The Phoenix Prize seeks for architectural excellence, and to evoke innovative minds, worldwide, to rebuild the Port of Beirut and bring it back to the people, revamped, and recaptured. It aims at creating innovative and groundbreaking ideas that redefine the magnetic aura of the city, and evolving it from spaces of “Sallowness and Risk” to spaces of “Trust”.

Description: On the 4th of August, a tragedy struck Beirut, a horrible blast, reduced the once vibrant seaport to dust and debris, leaving destruction, diseases, injured and affected lives. Back to pre-colonial history, Beirut and Haifa were both open gates between the western and eastern sides of the world. Beirutʼs influence on Galilee is very tangible. Most of the traditional architecture and urban fabric of Haifa and other main cities in the Galilee, such as ShafaAmr and Nazareth, was built thanks to the wondering Lebanese builders from the north. Following this worldview and the long history that Beirut and Haifa share in common, we at iDAR-Jerusalem, announce a call for the “Phoenix” prize, aiming to highlight innovative design as the ideal intervention for the success of the reconstruction of Beirut port. A legend says that Beirut was rebuilt from the ashes seven times. That is “Phoenix”.

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