Summary: The theme of 2021 WUPENiCity International Competition on Students Course Works of Urban Design is “Intelligent JiaYuan of Future”, which requires contestants to analyze the connotation of the theme from a unique and novel perspective to carry out urban design with comprehensive and systematic professional quality.

Description: “JiaYuan” is the most basic and essential unit of urban social space for Chinese, and there are challenging but eternal efforts to coordinate human and nature, encourage the sharing among people, and they coexist the material and the spirit through resources reallocation in the form of community planning to reach a better life.

“Intelligent” is the new trend on advent of technology revolution, which is also a term with complexity including smart living, smart transportation, smart education, smart medical care, smart scientific research, smart services, etc. It is of significant importance to truly realize the Intelligent JiaYuan(Community), solve the most caring problem for the people, and add up social value , which are critical for the transformation of the thinking modes and practical abilities of the planners and designers.


The contestants are suggested to be bachelors , master and doctor current students from Urban Planning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Design, Service Design, Industrial Design and other related major. The qualification for this competition has no restriction on nationality or major. We encourage cross-disciplinary students to participate in this competition. Teams can also be formed across schools or grades.

About Wupen:

WUPEN is an international education federation composed of excellent planning institutions in the world. Based on the continuous innovation in the field of urban planning and design education, the website, WUPEN, and the world city database, CBDB, constitute the intelligent website of the world urban innovation planning and design education practice.

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