Summary: Tender for Conceptual Design, Schematic Design and Design Development (Guiwan Coastal Section and Qianwan Coastal North Section) of Qianhai Stone Park is now officially open for application. The registration period is December 16th – 23rd, 2020. Design teams from home and abroad are welcomed to participate in this design bidding.

Description: Qianhai Stone Park, as a first-class green space in the public area of Qianhai, is one of the most important public open spaces in Qianhai. Qianhai Stone Park will be built into an open urban park that integrates recreational, cultural, landscape, artistic, and ecological functions.

The 4.3 square kilometers of public open space that surrounds Qianhai Bay is collectively referred as “Qianhai Stone Park”, of which 2.4 square kilometers is located in the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone, with a land area of approximately 1.7 square kilometers, including the coastal space around Qianhai bay, Shuangjie River Corridor Park, Guiwan River Corridor Park, Qianwan River Corridor Park and Yuewan River Corridor Park. Construction cost is estimated at RMB 4.29 billion, while total investment is estimated at RMB 5.05 billion.

The design scheme for the bidding competition shall analyze the overall design scope of 4.3 square kilometers and propose an overall planning framework. For the 2.4 square kilometer area, bidders shall propose overall spatial structure and activity program planning, overall spatial form and style, landscape systems, as well as architectural conceptual diagrams of main (characteristic) areas, etc. The bidding scheme shall emphatically present the key design area of 0.25 square kilometers.


The tender adopts the method of “bidding registration” for qualification examination. Registration materials need to submit on Shenzhen Construction Engineering Transaction Service website, and all the qualified applicants enter the design competition.

The tenderee shall set up a bid evaluation committee in accordance with the law to review the proposals and select 3 unranked winning candidates for the final evaluation stage.

Project homepage will update timely in accordance with officially released information.

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