Introduction: The challenge of this competition is to design sustainable and affordable row housing (multiple dwelling units). The housing should aim to address the space/land shortage issue and also do not harm the existing ecosystem while adding more green than it takes.


Human impact on nature

“The forest is not a resource for us, it is life itself. It is the only place for us to live.”

-Evaristo Nugkuag Ikanan

Forests and especially nature had been an inherent part of our existence. We cannot differentiate the existence of humans differently from that of nature. From the process of creation to the process of evolution, everything begins and ends in nature. At the beginning of human evolution, there was an inherent cohesion that existed in symbiosis. Wherein we developed along the lines of nature, but with time these lines which always met at some point now are going haywire and away from it. Erasing nature on the way. 

As we have now not only diverged from our ways but are now constantly trying to increase this never-ending rift between nature and mankind. This rift is caused due to the many other underlying issues that we face where the choice to harm/use/affect nature becomes the solution; and often temporary solutions aid in creating permanent problems.

Brief of the Competition

“At first I thought I was fighting to save rubber trees, Then I thought I was fighting to save the Amazon rainforest. Now I realize I am fighting for humanity.”

-Chico Mendes

Everything happening to Amazon can be due to a variety of reasons; political, social, cultural, or some personal interest. But what remains is the fact that we have lost 421,774 Sq.M of forest since 1985 – 2016. And the rate is expected to increase manifolds. With this issue comprising many aspects beyond control, there is still a window of opportunity to save it by providing a symbiotic architectural solution for the expansion. By creating an affordable and sustainable solution can we help curb amazon deforestation by solving the housing space problem


Winner 6000$ 

Runner – Up – 1400$ x 6 

People’s Choice – 600$ x 4 

Honorable Mention – 600$ x 12

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