Introduction: In order to imagine the Porte des Alpes territory tomorrow, the Métropole de Lyon is launching an innovative territorial foresight approach in connection with the State, the cities of Bron, Chassieu and Saint-Priest, as well as Sytral and Sepal. At the end of November, it launched an international urban planning consultation aimed at defining three contrasting scenarios for the evolution of the Grande Porte des Alpes territory by 2050. Three multidisciplinary teams will be called upon to work in 2022-2023 on an exercise of urban foresight.


On 29 November, the Metropole de Lyon launched a major international urban planning consultation. Its objective is to choose three multidisciplinary teams who will be invited to develop a prospective scenario for the territory of the Great Gate of the Alps.

Organizers are providing detailed information, the press release for this consultation is available for download here!

You are also invited to view the presentation video (3’41’’)!

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