Introduction: How can design be used to challenge the status quo, to interrupt the jargon, to disrupt and redirect ecological and socio-economic flows? LA+ Journal’s fourth international design ideas competition invites you to take an established place and design your own beneficial interruption within it. You can site your interruption anywhere and, if necessary, remove anything to make way for it.

Summary: Your site interruption project can be an artwork, a garden, a building, a space, a thing, a barrier, an ambience, an opening, a catalyst, a performance, a program, an institution, an intervention, a folly… It can be any scale and it can be anywhere. Whatever and wherever it is, it must productively interrupt both its cultural and spatial context. What does this mean? It means injecting something different into a given context to effect new meanings and new functions. It means questioning what design does, who it’s designed for, what it looks like, and what it means. 

Three winners will share in $7,000 plus publication in a special competition issue of LA+ Journal. 

LA+ INTERRUPTION is open to all design disciplines. For more details visit

Submission deadline: July 1, 2022


Martin Rein-Cano: TOPOTEK 1

Fiona Raby: Dunne & Raby | The New School

Rania Ghosn: Design Earth | MIT

Mark Raggatt:  ARM Architecture | RMIT 

Jason Zhisen Ho: The Mapping Workshop | FEI Arts Museum, Guangzhou

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