Summary: Close to the city center of Copenhagen, a new city district (brownfield urban development) is planned by a property development department of the Danish state railways (DSB Ejendomsudvikling A/S) and a real estate company owned by the Danish State (Freja ejendomme A/S).

Description: Being in the early stages of the process, the two landowners are inviting architecture companies and urban development experts etc. to apply for prequalification for a masterplan competition. Five teams are invited to join the competition (October 2020 – February 2021). The invitation as well as the competition programme and other publications, report etc. will be published in Danish. Applications for prequalification as well as proposals in the competition must be written in Danish. English project references as well as English CVs are allowed in the application for prequalification. The masterplan competition includes a kickoff seminar and two workshops/presentations in Copenhagen as well as a final presentation of the proposal. Presentations in English are allowed in the competition process. The process is not a public procurement process.

International team members are welcome to apply for prequalification.

Read more at Jernbanebyen official website.

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