Summary: The large district town of Erding northeast of Munich is facing a planning challenge that will have a formative influence on the future of the city: the conversion of large parts of the Erding air base, which was previously used by the military, into civilian use.

Description: The starting point for this is the structural reform of the Bundeswehr, which provides for a significant reduction in troops and the implementation of a new nationwide stationing concept. In October 2011, the Federal Ministry of Defense announced that most of the Erding Air Base would be closed by December 31, 2024.

With the conversion from military to civil use, the location falls back into the municipal planning sovereignty of the city of Erding and thus into the autonomous design of the urban and landscape planning future of the site.

In this context, the city of Erding must clarify which planning intentions it wants to pursue on the area that will be freed up in order to ensure its sustainable and orderly development. It has therefore decided to launch an urban and landscape planning competition with the aim of finding a convincing overall concept. The competition area comprises the southern half of the air base with an area of ​​approx. 190 ha, with a core area of ​​approx. 30 ha being examined in more detail. The total size of the Erding Air Base is approx. 380 ha, of which approx. 365 hectares in the Erdinger district. With this size, the Erding Air Base is currently the largest contiguous conversion area in Bavaria.

On the basis of the competition results, an urban and landscape planning framework plan for the further development of the site is to be worked out in cooperation with the citizens.

Read in detail about this competition here and access the documents for application here.

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