Summary: Construction is the most obvious reward for an architectural project, but very often in order to make things buildable, architects have to sacrifice innovation and creativity and surrender to business as usual. Non Architecture launches an award to honour those projects that didn’t take that approach and are unbuilt and unbuildable, either because they were designed to stay as such, or because their innovative charge brought them into the realm of the unpractical. We want to reward their innovative and experimental character with an award, organized in 4 categories – Urban, Landscape, Architecture and Aspatial.

Description: By recognizing remarkable achievements in architecture, we intend to highlight exemplary projects that serve as inspiration for practitioners. Equally important, these awards elevate the potential for the positive impact that an exploratory approach in architecture has on the future of the profession.

Non Architecture framed 4 categories. They are ideologically open and comprehensive, leaving to the designers the decision to select the most suitable category for their project:

URBAN – Projects can include any urban or master plan dedicated to the long-term connections between buildings, infrastructure, social and economic conditions, environments, and future development.
LANDSCAPE – Projects admittable not only include gardens and parks. They can more extensively or subtly address nature, and as such, be eligible for this category.
ARCHITECTURE – Projects can include residential, commercial, cultural, hospitality, institutional, sports & recreation, transportation, or temporary structures.
ASPATIAL – Projects can include abstract and conceptual ideas with no physical representation such as utopian projects, projects for digital platforms, tools or devices, process-oriented projects, participatory processes or even gaming and digital simulations.

The award is open for student works, conceptual designs, competition entries, research & speculative initiatives of all sorts. Projects can have an exploratory or critical purpose, as long as they were not designed with the primary goal of being built.

Download the information related to this competition here.

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