Summary: The aim of the competition is the development of counterproposals in which the heritage values of Ontario place are safeguarded and enhanced while taking the public into consideration.

Description: The idea is to program the site as a public asset. No condos or privatized development; rather, we want to engage the myriad of stakeholders on the site such as families, casual cyclists, the houseboat community, environmentalists, yoga enthusiasts, basketball players, fishing groups, performance artists, skateboarders, cinephiles, architects, and others who have contributed to the vibrancy of the site.

How can we reinject a sense of play at Ontario Place without damaging the architecture, landscape, and infrastructure which make the site a valuable public asset?

Proposals should advocate for innovative relationships between heritage conservation and new programs, consider the ecologies of the site, and integrate sustainable building practices. Ontario Place needs a reinvigorated public identity, it’s up to you to imagine one.

For more information, visit the competition site and download the competition brief here.

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