Location: Podgorica, Montenegro, Europe
Categories: Master plan, Landscape design
Submission deadline: December 14, 2020, at 12:00 AM
Language: English
Organizers: Capital city Podgorica

Summary: Podgorica, capital city of Montenegro has launched an International Competition to select best conceptual design for one of its most important spaces – Morača riverfront.

Description: The main objective of the Competition is to select the conceptual urban and architectural design for the Morača riverfront, which will establish a connection between the city and the river in the best possible way and provide a new unique space for leisure and recreation for the benefit of inhabitants and visitors of Podgorica.

The construction of the promenade along the river Morača will form a unique pedestrian area in a distinct natural environment. This project is of unquestionable importance from several aspects – connecting with the promenade along the river Ribnica, connecting the city center with the surrounding settlements, connecting green areas and creating a green complex in the city center (Njegošev Park, Podgorički Park and Gorica Hill) and ultimately bringing the city down onto the river.

Competition for conceptual architectural design is international, general, one-phased and anonymous.

Read more about the competition here and visit the organizer’s website!

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