Location: Podgorica, Montenegro, Europe
Categories: Renovation, Square
1st Prize: 30.000,00€
Submission deadline: October 30, 2020, at 04:00 PM
Language: Montenegrin, English
Organizers: Capital City Podgorica

Summary: The fundamental objective of the competition is the selection of the best conceptual urban and architectural design of Independence Square in Podgorica.

Description: Participants of the Competition are expected to propose a design in accordance with the needs of citizens and visitors of the city of Podgorica in a way that is recognizable, unique, and in line with the great significance of the square for this city. The goal is to reach the quality traffic solution that will, as much as possible, reroute the car traffic from open surfaces within the area that is subject to the competition and make the space more accessible to pedestrians and more appealing to different types of users through a quality traffic solution. In the process of ongoing urbanization, open public spaces represent an important part of the progression that should encourage citizens to interact socially and actively participate in social life. Therefore, the proposed urban architectural design for the area of Independence square is expected to, apart from reaching high ambient values and attractiveness of design, provide possibilities for active space use with various ways of utilizations that support and improve social contacts.

Competition for conceptual Urban and Architectural Design of Independence Square in Podgorica is international, general, one-phased, and anonymous.

Read more about the competition on ArchDaily and download the competition brief document here.

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