Summary: Non Architecture together with World Design Capital Valencia 2022 and Las Naves, is launching the Open Call for design teams for the following project: VALENCIA 360 – A GLIMPSE AT THE CITY OF THE FUTURE. What will Valencia look like in 2050? How will technology impact the built environment? How will people live in public space? How will mobility evolve and shape the streets?

Description: This design competition is searching for creative designers or teams with great architectural visualization skills and motivated to explore together new perspectives for the future of the city of Valencia. Five locations of Valencia will be analyzed and redesigned to showcase their possible evolution. Five design teams selected out of this call will produce a 360º view. The 360º visualizations will be artistic representations of these future scenarios and participants will receive monetary compensation (1500€).

This could be you! If you want to know more, check the Open Call and register this competition here.

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