Introduction: The City of Kerava (Finland) is organizing an international architectural competition to develop the area of the Kerava Station. The competition form is an open idea competition, and it will start in November 2021 and end in February 2022. With the help of the competition, the city will seek diverse views on the long-term construction of the western and eastern side of Kerava Station in a high-quality and climate-wise manner.

Summary: The competition time period is 15.11.2021-15.2.2022.

Questions concerning the competition must be submitted by this link by 8 December 2021, at 3 p.m. (GMT+2).

Questions and answers are here.

The link to the recorded webinar is here.

(Unfortunately, part of the presentations is not recorded).

All citizens of Finland and other countries may participatein the competition regardless of their professional background.

Competition programme (The competition program has been corrected on 19 November 2021.)

Competition appendix (reports in Finnish), (Appendix 1a, 13a, 14a, 16  have been added as answers to the competition questions).

1. The competition area-map

1a. Buildings 3D, dwg

2. Oblique photo and the competition area

3. Aerial photos and images of the area

4. Area development vision for Kerava’s town centre

5. Stormwater report

6.  Kerava’s ecosystem report

7.   Ground elevation image

8.  Traffic 

9.  Local master plan regulations

10. Green plan

11. Station area local detailed plan amendment 2313 and reference plan 

12. Kerava’s building heritage inventory (page 8) 

13. Commercial report on the station area

13a. Summary of a bulletin regarding the commercial report in english

14. Reservation for the Pisara railway

14a. Reservation for the Pisara Railway pdf

15. Built environment of the station area

16. Aerial image for embedded aerial view

17. Facade drawing of the Station 1:50, pdf


Submit your competition proposal via this link. You can add the proposal information gradually over the days by using the secret code displayed in the popup window and in the downloadable PDF receipt. Keep the code in a safe place.

Welcome to participate!

Get to know Kerava

Kerava is small in area, only about 30 km2. Nevertheless, Kerava is the third most densely populated city in Finland with almost 38,000 inhabitants, right after Helsinki and Kauniainen. Kerava was once built as a marketplace in the area of the current station. In 1924 Kerava became a township and in 1970 the township grew into a city.

Kerava Station is one of the stations on Finland’s first train line, the Helsinki-Hämeenlinna line. Kerava is about a 20-minute train ride north of the Helsinki city center. Its location as a transport hub near the capital creates great conditions for the development of the city.

Find the link to the original competition site here!

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