Summary: The vision for the competition project is to build Contemporary, efficient, well designed attached villas (townhouses) in Ash Shatti Sharqi, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Our main goal is to provide the buyers with an extraordinary, smart living space that satisfies their needs and allows them to live comfortably. Besides, being able to live in an affluent area for an affordable price.

Description: This is one of the new projects for Alsalimi Company; the land is located in Ash shati Sharqi, Dammam city. Ash Shatti area is characterized as a sophisticated district featuring high-income households, mostly residing in residential townhouses, villas and compounds. The research shows that the area has a high demand for Residential villas, we aim to stand out from the crowd by providing a high level of living experience in an affluent area at an affordable price.

The design approach to the Villas is a fusion of contemporary, unique, and chic architecture and interior design. The aim is to be able to give the client a luxury and comfortable living space that is within the budget and market price. The Contemporary design allows for a broad range of styles to smoothly blend to mold different home ambiance according to different consumer preferences. 

This is a helpful demonstration video for competitors to have a better understanding of the project’s requirements, take a look at the video here.

Download the information related to this competition here.

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