Summary: New urbanism for nature, activity, and public space: The Tree House Park Competition calls on young architects to envision tree houses in daily urban life as a new typology bringing man and nature closer together. The Istanbul based GAD Foundation, the organizer of the competition with partners Ege Yapi and Casper Computer, offers a total prize of $15000 in awards and $8000 to the winning design and the opportunity to build the proposal. The design project selected 2nd will be awarded $4000 and 3rd will be awarded $2000.

Description: The “Tree House Park” competition seeks to extend design insight into architecture embedded and in harmony with the natural world with trees and tree habitation as the focus of the ecological design. This competition proposes the generation of architectural ideas also for outdoor activities for a forested area that could also be suitable for implementation in protected green areas throughout the city of Istanbul as an example of the conservation of nature within cities at a global scale. Interaction and activity with and in the natural environment is a key focus of the competition.

The competition is organized by GAD Foundation located in Istanbul, Turkey works to positively affect practice and theory with a focus on education, society, and their intersection in architecture, politics, and urban development. The GAD Foundation team organizes workshops, arranges internships, curates exhibitions, creates student exchange programs, writes and publishes books, engages architectural figures with students and society.

Download the information related to this competition here.

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