Summary: The Orange County Sustainability Decathlon (OCSD23) is a new competition to build and market affordable, sustainable housing for the State of California. OCSD23 is seeking teams that are passionate, goal-oriented, and motivated to take action because they understand the urgent need for inventive thinking. Teams will design and build, from the ground up, model net-zero-energy homes that demonstrate how innovative applications of building science and technology can help mitigate climate change and alleviate the housing crisis. 

Description: OCSD23 understands that teams will need help to get started. Teams accepted into the competition will receive a one-time $100,000 stipend as seed money. OCSD23 expects to attract thousands of visitors (in person and online), so the homes on display will be viewed by a huge audience of interested observers and potential buyers.

Applicants must have at least 50% representation from a California college, university or other post-secondary institution on their team proposal.

The website is now live. You can learn more about the exciting new competition, how to apply and download the information related to this competition here!

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