Summary: We are looking for open-minded students and young designers for the 11th edition of MEDS Silesia Revival 2021 workshops. Create an entry assignment concerning your own interpretation related to this year’s theme areas: ECOLOGY-REVITALIZATION-SOCIETY. There are no requirements on the form, content and technique.

Description: DATE OF WORKSHOP: 14-29th August 2021
LOCATION: post-industrial Silesian region (Tychy, Katowice, Dąbrowa Górnicza)

MEDS Silesia Revival 2021

The theme of the edition “Revival” explores the urban and architectural context of Silesia as the space of mines, forges and factories which contribute to a specific regional identity. Both of these paradigms, industrial context and the identity, allow us to reflect on the issue of transformation, the one that has already taken place and the one that can potentially occur for the future of Silesia. The challenge of the workshop is not only to create interesting projects that have visual representations but also an attempt to conduct a revitalisation of a social mentality. “Revival” aims to revive what is already defined.

For two weeks, participants will work in groups under supervision of professional tutors. At the beginning they will be given the opportunity to choose projects in which they will be involved. MEDS workshops are created by people who each year come from all over the world to share their experience in various areas of design. We are looking for creative people with love for knowledge and ongoing passion to design.

Each group, together with its tutor, will work on the creation of the project and its documentation, which will be presented during the exhibition ending the workshops.

Deadline for submitting works: 17.05-06.06

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Apply and let your impact be a part of the story of MEDS Silesia Revival!

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