Summary: C40 Cities, a global network of cities committed to bold climate action, has launched a pioneering competition to offer students and universities from across the globe a platform to share their vision for green and thriving neighborhoods through ideas, innovations and solutions.

Description: The C40 Students Reinventing Cities Competition is dedicated to transforming cities in the face of the climate crisis by driving an active collaboration between cities and academia on climate action. The competition will inspire creative, innovative, and tangible ways to reduce carbon emissions, as well as to support a thriving and resilient life for local communities.

Students entering the competition will be given live projects to work on in cities including; Athens, Auckland, Barcelona, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Dakar, Delhi, Dubai, Madrid, Melbourne, Montréal, Paris, Quezon City, Quito, Reykjavík, Seattle and Washington D.C. They will submit their entries designed specifically for the urban area in their chosen city – to help change the way we live in cities for the benefit of our wellbeing and of the climate.

The deadline for registration is March 18, 2021. Finalists will be selected and invited to submit their final proposals by May 2021.

Read more about this competition and register here!

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