Summary: SUPERSCAPE 2022: The biannual prize seeks to encourage innovative and visionary architectural concepts that explore new models of living and strategies for inhabiting an urban context over a broad expanse of 30 years. Reflecting processes of change, Superscape opens a creative space for unconventional ideas meant to deliver new impulses to real-life architectural output and urban development.


2022 THEME: GREEN SHIFT – Visions for sustainable living

The urgency of the climate crisis, which is being felt globally, is the starting point for a broad process of rethinking that has also taken hold in the construction industry. The long-term protection of the environment and climate, not least as a qualitative habitat for humans and animals, is one of the most urgent goals of modern architecture.

In the context of digital networking, social sustainability, smart cities and climate care, it is important to explore innovative potentials and problem solutions of architecture as well as to dare visionary views of the future and design experiments that address future challenges of urban space in the year 2050.


Eligible candidates must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning or design from a university or academy. Multi-disciplinary teams are eligible, provided they have at least one member which fulfils these criteria. The first phase of the architectural competition is an anonymous, open process. After the expert jury has nominated the shortlist (max. six projects), the individual protagonists will be invited to a non-anonymous process, during which the project sketches are to be elaborated further.

All materials can be submitted in German or English.

You can find detailed information regarding the terms of submission here.

End of submission Phase 1: March 14, 2022


€ 10.000,- for the winning project,

€ 2.000,- for each finalised shortlist project


JP Immobilien, WBV-GPA, Wohnbauvereinigung für Privatangestellte,

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