Summary: Our world is changing fast, while ambitions and challenges match in importance. In this context, design can play a huge role. How do we imagine the world to be? What range of possibilities we haven’t discovered yet? What’s a Non Architecture for a World in crisis? In 2020 we started the second phase of competitions to address the issues of tomorrow.

Description: The organizers are announcing: In line with our style we propose 9+1 themes – ten critical topics to work on, but this time they come with a framework to make sure that each theme is explored from different design angles. Rather than a program, a research ecosystem composed of various competitions running in parallel and exploring the same theme from different perspectives.

Our exploration journey will continue the theme two: H2O.

In this competition, we encourage participants to come up with visionary concepts for life in a scenario of extreme water scarcity – Only 2 drawings, absolute freedom of scale, site, or program. You are asked to reimagine urban life through a variety of creative design concepts and ideas.

Our water resources are at risk due to a series of human-related issues: water pollution, intensive runoff in urbanized areas, climate change, saltwater intrusion, freshwater waste. Freshwater scarcity might soon be an outcome of all these processes. Participants are asked to propose conceptual ideas to mitigate and cope with the effects of a water crisis in our cities, landscapes, and rural areas.

Waterless World is part of the “Cities of Tomorrow” competition series, developed to reimagine life through a variety of creative design concepts and ideas. What kind of role can we play as designers in reimagining urban life? How can we produce new inspiring visions to trigger a discussion around alternative models of living?

Waterless World aims to answer those questions with a particular focus on the water crisis as a result of a global water shortage.

Read more on the competition website!

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