Summary: Participants are asked to design a multi-activity youth complex and a public plaza in Almedina, creating a youthful cultural strip and a public platform that can host various cultural and social events. The Youth House, the plaza and their integration with each other and their surrounding context should inspire a transformation of the urban scene of Almedina.

Description: The competition site forms parts of sectors 34 and 43. The part in sector 34 is currently occupied with public buildings, including a post office, while the other part of the competition site that is in sector 43 is currently occupied with residential units, as well as shops, workshops, a mosque and a local health centre, all of which can be seen via the attached maps. However, for the purpose of this competition, we will assume the acquisition of the area of the project, while providing suitable alternatives for the transferring of housing units and other functions (this is not within the scope of the competition).

Find more information about the competition here.

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